Toyota semi destruido continua a andar

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Toyota semi destruido continua a andar

Mensagempor zecmax » janeiro 26th, 2013, 7:13 am - Smashed Toyota continues to move after collision with bus

Condutor bebado bateu contra um autocarro e continuou o seu passeio.
No banco de trás continuo um amigo morto no acidente.

Smashed Toyota continues to move after collision with bus
With these injuries move unreal ... the back seat was the corpse of friend driver!
Before that, the car crashed into a bus....The driver was drunk.
Local road police report:

19th of January 2013, Yaroslavl. At 15:50 on the bridge near Dobrynin
street the driver of Toyota Corolla was not able to make it and in
result collided with oncoming public transit bus. Bus driver managed to
steer away and stay on lane, with none of 20 passengers onboard having
any injuries.

After the collision driver of heavily damaged Toyota didn't stop and
rushed away. Corolla, or more precisely, what was left of it (half of
the vehicle), managed to drive through several
districts of Yaroslavl. On its way it got into another traffic
collision at the intersection of Lenin and Sverdlov streets - brushed
against Subaru. Luckily there were no casulties or injured in this one.

Wrecked Toyota Corolla got almost to the city centre, when on
Tchaikovsky street the driver steered to a flat block nearby, left the
vehicle there and ran away.

One of citizens saw the driver getting away from his vehicle, chased him
and called the police. Thanks to him, road police crew promptly got the
driver at Republican street. After the arrest it was clear, that male
36 y.o. driver of Toyota Corolla is in the state of high alcohol
intoxication, and barely can walk, let alone drive.

During examination of Corolla police found a dead body of 33 y.o. male
passenger, a friend of driver, resting at the back seat. Evidently he
got fatal injuries during the collision with a bus.

It can be considered an immense luck, that no one else suffered from
actions of drunk driver. Driver of Toyota Corolla was assigned for
medical examination. His infamous conduct is under examination,
initiation of criminal case to be decided.

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